The artist’s studio of Alfred Würth at Amsterdam

Artist’s studio in Amsterdam

Artist’s studio

Artist’s studio

Artist’s studio with the portrait of Father

A glimpse in the artist’s studio

The artist’s studio , Amsterdam

Reviews of the exhibition of “Le Bonheur de Mollans” in Buis-les-Baronnies, France 2005

Exhibition “Le Bonheur de Mollans” at Buis-les-Baronnies, 2005 France

Alfred and Hannie with Mrs and Mr Blanc – “Les Trois Rivières” – at the opening; Hannie; Alfred and his daughter Eva; his daughter Marga; guests

Poster and invitation, 2005

Alfred Würth in his studio

With the finished work “The Red Vine”

Creating “Old Olive Tree”, 1997

“Olive Tree Near the Wall”, 1995

Painting “Olive Trees on the High Terrace”

France 1994

“Tips of the Trees at “Les Beaumettes”, Painted from a Gravel Bank in the River”, 1994

Creating “Terraced Landscape with Olive trees”, 1992

Painting “The New House at Mollans”

France 1990

Creating “View of Faucon and the Vineyards”, France 1989

Hannie next to “Olive Trees – For Otto”

Faucon, France 1989

A still life “Wild Lathyrus” at Entrechaux, 1989

Wild Lathyrus

This is where “Olive grove at Mont Saint Michel” was created, Mollans 1984

Creating “Landscape with an Oak Tree near Faucon”

France 1984

Painting “Olive Grove in Contre Jour. Late in the Afternoon”

France 1984

The Red Vine

1984 Vaucluse, France

Creating “View of Faucon”, 1984

Painting in Australia

The work  “Bananas from Wouter’s Garden” originates here in the garden of his son Wouter in Australia

Hannie and Alfred and the aquarellist Riet Dagnelie in France

Riet painting at Quissac, 1981

Painting “Landscape with Linden Tree”

France 1980

Creating “Savoy Cabbage at Waarland”, 1979 The Netherlands

1979-’80, Joint Exhibition in Amsterdam

Painting in Amerongen, 1978

Visiting Riet Dagnelie at Amerongen, 1977

Riet’s house; The Amerongse Bos; Tobacco barn

Away with the boat, the “Plein Air”

Creating “Sunny Landscape at the Gein”

Hannie at the Loom

Hannie in her studio in Amsterdam 1977; Hannie and daughter Eva inspect a sheepskin; the coat was cleaned, carded, spun, sometimes dyed and woven; Amerongen 1969

Poster for the Exhibition at Sneek, Own Design 1972

Exhibition at Krommenie 1965

Hannie ca 1958

A studio was made in the attic in Amsterdam East, 1955

Hannie Posing

Amsterdam 1955

Hannie with the children in the Oosterpark

Amsterdam 1953

Alfred in the Oosterpark

Amsterdam 1953

Hannie and Alfred on their weddingday, 13th of July 1944